Team Spotlight on Esme Fordham

Hello! I‘m Esme and I have been a volunteer at Remus for about seven years now, although I have been a member for many years.

I love animals and help Sue to continue all the hard work and achievements she has made and devoted her life to, and to take the Sanctuary forward.

My role is overseeing volunteers, organising Afternoon Teas and other fundraising and making sure all the merchandise is ready for all our events, such as Open Days and Stock Village Hall. I also keep stock of the merchandise and uniform for staff and volunteers.

I also feed the cats on certain days, and the various birds who come and visit us; I sometimes sort out any bric-a-brac that we’ve received. Occasionally I help Sue and the vet with the horses and in the office with post, filing and some computer work – there’s always something that needs doing!

I also organise all the medications each week for all the animals who need them. Animals are just the most wonderful creatures on our planet but are so abused by so many, it’s great to help Sue in any way I can.

Oh I forgot to say I’m also a glorified tea maker! 😁

On a personal note, I am 82 years old on the outside and 45 on the inside! Most of my life I worked in an office but for 10 years had a workshop and did china painting.

I’ve always had dogs through the years who have been just wonderful getting me through thick and thin! But now I have taken a sick cat from the Sanctuary – George – to look after at home who is a little treasure. You can see me pictured with Ollie Dog when the lane got flooded – sadly a regular occurrence here! It means we have to walk into the Sanctuary when the cars can’t get through.

I’m also very proud to have been awarded Volunteer of the Year by Horse and Hound last year, which you can read here.

Meet the rest of the Remus team here.

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