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These pictures show some of the horses we have rescued. All terribly sad stories, some we could save and others we were too late to help, but this suffering goes on every day. We are regularly asked, often via Facebook, to get involved and help horses and we are happy to, but obviously this always comes at a cost. There are costs in the recovery itself and it doesn’t stop just by bringing the animals into the Sanctuary. As we try to rectify the mess made of these poor creatures, our costs start to rocket!

Sadly, we have hit a time where donations have gone down and have stayed down since the recession some years back, but our costs continue to spiral.

Can you help us to help these poor creatures – all innocent victims of man’s inhumanity?

Thousands of horses are caught up in the horse welfare crisis and suffer daily. We want to be able to help these horses and give them a chance, but we can only do this with your help.

  • Can you make a donation to help us to continue this critical work?
  • Can you organise an event to help raise money for us?
  • Do you run a business which could help?
  • Are you part of a group or a club that could help?
  • Do you have good quality bric-a-brac or unwanted gifts or unwanted stock that we can sell to raise funds?
  • If all our supporters could set up a standing order for just £5 a month it would make a huge difference and it’s only the cost of two coffees!

There are so many ways that you could help us, and therefore help these beautiful noble creatures who suffer so badly at the hands of humanity. Please do get in touch and support the work that we do.

Please make a donation to help us today!

Together we believe we can make a difference.

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