Blax’s Story

Black Welsh Section D Mare
DOB 1996
Came to Remus 16 March 2017

Blax came in with her companion Lady. These two horses were reported to us by someone living close by and they were in terrible condition.

They were both kept in a sopping wet, muddy paddock with nowhere to shelter or lie down. Lady was 32 years old and emaciated, and Blax had sustained an injury to her leg and was struggling to walk. She was walking on a fracture, lame and we had to weigh up whether it was even safe to move her.

If we didn’t, she would have been put to sleep so with the help of our vet she was moved to Remus. Eventually we were able to get both horses signed over to us and after five hours we managed to catch these two terrified animals.

Sadly, Lady died after five weeks – she became too weak to stand. Very often in these severe malnutrition cases the horse lives on adrenalin and when they come in knowing they are safe, they then feel they can let go.

Blax’s leg has healed very well and she is enjoying her new life at Remus. Whilst it is lovely that we were able to help Blax, it is upsetting that we seem to spend our entire time clearing up behind other people and the mess they make of these beautiful animals.

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