May we take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and happy 2015 and thank you all so much for all your support that is given to the Sanctuary in so many different ways. Without you, we couldn’t do the work we do and the many animals we help would be homeless, alone, hungry and suffering – so thank you very much from the very bottom of our hearts.

We always feel that Remus is a very special place and the animals are cared for and looked after so well. We are proud that we are able to get out and help the many animals that we hear about that need our help in the Essex and surrounding countryside. It is already proving to be a very busy winter and we have been inundated with calls about so many horses that need our help in these freezing conditions…

However, this winter has been different as our funds are depleted as the work we are being called to do increases each year with the horse welfare crisis that exists in the UK. This is where we need to call on your help again in two ways.

  1. We need to buy new rugs for the horses here at the Sanctuary and indeed some to go on horses that are tethered and left. We have found a supplier who can give us a good quality warm rug for £40. Can you help buy a rug for a horse that needs it in this cold weather or help pay towards a rug?
  2. Last year we helped a lot of horses that were left in fields by getting hay to them to keep them alive – we don’t have that money this year. Are you able to help fund some bales of hay for some of these unfortunate animals? Hay costs £4 a bale at present.

The link to the Just Giving website makes this process really easy for you. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can donate by mobile. Just text FEED36 £10 to 70070 to donate to Remus. It doesn’t have to be for £10 you can enter whatever value you wish. Please note that text donations are one-offs and not the same as a monthly direct debit. Any help that you can offer in any way would be so much appreciated to help us help these poor creatures who through no fault of their own are left abandoned, tethered, cold, hungry and often afraid.

Shopping List

Items that the Sanctuary always need;-

  • Jeyes Fluid
  • Exterior white masonry paint
  • Coffee/tea bags for the workers!
  • Tins of Whiskas or Felix for the cats
  • Cat Biscuits & Dreamie cat treats
  • New postage stamps
  • White copy paper
  • Actimel for the horses medications
  • Rolls of cotton wool

Can you help us?

Can you help the Sanctuary this year with any of the following:

  • Do you have any unwanted Christmas presents you no longer need?
  • Do you have anything that Joy Williams can auction?
  • Can you help run or man a stall on the Open day?
  • Sign a friend up for membership?
  • Run a fundraising event?
  • Sign up for Gift Aid?
  • Sponsor a Remus animal as a gift? Join the fundraising team?
  • Can you make things we can sell ie jams etc.?

Any help you can offer would be so much appreciated.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK Taxpayer there is one way you can help us it makes an enormous difference to us – Gift Aid.

GIFT AID costs you nothing at all, but it makes your generous donation go even further and enables us to do even more for sick, ill treated and neglected animals.

Please if you are a taxpayer and have not already done so, do sign up for Gift Aid. It truly makes such a big difference to the Sanctuary and our animals. Remus can claim an extra 25p on every £1 you give. If you haven’t yet signed up please complete the form via the website here.

Roger Green Solicitors

Billericay Solicitor Michael Murphy from Roger Green Solicitors has kindly offered to help the Sanctuary by donating his fee/charges to the Sanctuary on the first 6 people who have their wills written up by him.

If you are interested, please contact him directly at 100 High Street. Billericay. Or by phone on 01277 659441.

Thank you Michael!


You may recall that Little Milo came in and spent his day with his head in the corner of the stable, eyes squeezed closed as they were so sore, and he was in such poor condition that two Vets said he was unlikely to survive. Just a few months on, his eyes are open; he is out of the corner and is enjoying life. He goes into his paddock during the day to graze with his friend Toffee and is slowly putting on weight. He still has to have surgery on his mouth and his eyes have been assessed by the Animal Health Trust Ophthalmologist and he has a long way to go but he has come on so much and improved so well.

The sheer joy on Milo’s face as he eats his food! Thanks to everyone who has donated towards his care.

Christmas Draw Tickets

1st Denise & Nigel Kirby of Chelmsford
2nd Lillian Atkins of Romford
3rd Linda Croton of Billericay
Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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