Luxury Flooring for Stables

A few weeks ago, we purchased 30 rubber mats which are used to cover the concrete flooring in a large number of our stables.

We’ve cheekily called this article ‘luxury flooring’ but in fact, for our older horses, these rubber mats are absolutely essential. They cost about £40 each but provide a softer, warm and more insulated feel from the hard cold concrete. It also helps with our laminitic cases as it provides extra cushioning to assist with the deep beds that we provide for these animals.

We also use them in our field shelters to provide a suitable base to put bedding on top of so that it doesn’t get wet from the ground.

These mats come in a fixed size and have to be cut down for purpose, which was Yard Supervisor Alex’s  job recently. This is done with a guide ruler and a utility knife and the mats are trimmed down to size so that they fit snugly together without any overlap.

We took some pictures of the process with Heidi and Jakie looking on! Actually we’re not sure if they’re curious or making sure it’s done properly!

We would be very grateful for any contributions to the purchase of this essential rubber matting for our animals and donations can be made via our website here.

And if you would like to provide sponsorship for Heidi or Jakie, either for yourself or perhaps as a gift for a friend or Christmas, you can do so via our website using the links below:

Sponsor Heidi >>

Sponsor Jakie >>

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