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At 3 months old we found Heidi, Alfie and Mason chained to the ground by their necks. We managed to rescue them. Alfie was clearly very poorly, his breathing was terrible, he had a deep hacking cough and a raging temperature. Within days, sadly little Alfie died – we got to him too late. When we watched on camera what had happened overnight, Alfie had sat down and his friend Mason left his hay and came and sat beside him, they then both laid down. Half hour later Mason got up and went to his hay, because in that short period of time Alfie had died. Only babies, but such empathy!

The other two babies continued to receive penicillin injections twice daily by our vet and have grown well and enjoy their life, and thanks to your support they have been spared the awful life ahead of them and will never again feel pain, fear or hunger.

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For just £30 a year you will receive a glossy photograph, certificate of your sponsorship, and history of me, an invite to visit me and my friends, and some Remus goodies (car sticker and badge) and then twice a year, a further update on my progress.

The Remus Sponsorship Scheme helps us to provide ongoing care for the animals at the Sanctuary once they have been rescued and contributes towards funds for further animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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