New Shelter Roof Proves to be a Success

Remus Horse Sanctuary, experts in the care of elderly equines, has shared pictures of its new shelter roof following a fundraising campaign earlier this year.

Remus raised £3,735, via JustGiving, in January and February to replace the roof after it began leaking again, despite two previous repairs.

Image 1: More beams were added to strengthen the roof and wooden supports were attached to the sides of the building to make the whole structure stronger. The electrics that had been getting wet from the previous leaking roof were removed and new timbers added before the lights could be reinstated.

39-year-old Megan can be seen here crunching on some tasty fresh hay. She has been with Remus since 2012 and has a heart issue, laminitis, arthritis and EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). She is the sweetest of ponies.

Of the shelter, Sue Burton, Founder of the charity said, “We grew very concerned last year as the roof began to leak really badly. Pippa, Sophie, Dickie and Megan all share the shelter which opens out to a large laminitic paddock.

“The quote to replace the roof was £3,600 including VAT which seemed an awful lot at the time, especially as we’ve received very little in the way of donations over the past year and haven’t been able to carry out our normal fundraising efforts”.

Image 2: The completed project from the outside with the box profile steel sheeting attached. Treated timber battens were fixed over the existing felt to the entire roof area to reduce the bow in the roof bays.

Image 3: Pippa, warm and dry in the newly improved shelter. 25-year-old Pippa has been residing at the Sanctuary for many years now. The team worked with her to re-build her health and to encourage her confidence after previously having her spirit destroyed. In 2013/2014 Pippa underwent two serious eye operations to repair her sight and is a different animal now from when she arrived in 2009. She also has various health issues which we see in older horses including arthritis. The Ophthalmologist that performed her surgery sees her from time to time and is very pleased with how well the eye is performing. The surgery was for cataracts after she went blind, and it was because of Pippa being kept in whilst she was blind that the charity introduced music to play around the Sanctuary for the animals as it really helped calm her.

Like many charities, Remus has suffered greatly as a result of Covid-19.

“Towards the end of last year, we calculated that our deficit was somewhere in excess of £337,000 and obviously it has just continued to escalate since then.

“Winter is always much more expensive, with us needing to provide so much more food when grass isn’t available and the paddocks turn to mud and, even worse, get flooded. And many of our elderly horses require additional warmth too, which we provide via special electric lamps.”

There are numerous ways for members of the public to support the Sanctuary. Obviously donations are critical, but leaving a gift in your will, recycling, microvolunteering and clothes recycling are just some of the other ways that people can help. Visit to find out more. Both Megan and Pippa can be sponsored here.

“We are delighted to share pictures of our new shelter roof and we, Pippa and Dickie, Sophie and Megan are eternally grateful to everyone’s support. Our thanks to Malcolm and Paul at Ablefelt Roofing for the great job that they did. 

“Hopefully we will see everyone in early May for our first Open Day – weather and safety permitting!”

For further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

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