HRH Princess Royal

Horse Welfare Crisis Update

We were interested to read news online last week, that HRH The Princess Royal had raised the issue of whether creating a market for horsemeat was viable to help address the issues of horse welfare. The discussion took place at the World Horse Welfare’s centre in Lancashire, as reported by “Should we be considering […]

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Sport or Barbarism

Grand National 2014 – Sport or Barbarism?

We were relieved to see that there were no horse fatalities in this year’s Grand National held at Aintree on Saturday.  However just 18 of the 39 who took part were able to complete the course – eight horses fell and seven were pulled up because they were either exhausted or injured.  It’s fortunate that […]

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UK horses need our help!

You may notice a common theme in our recent blogs, and there is a reason for this. 2014 is the year of the horse and at Remus we are concentrating on the welfare of horses. Especially how the laws need to be changed as the current ones are not taking into consideration abandoned horses, fly grazing, […]

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Guinness at Remus Horse Sanctuary

What’s going on at the Sanctuary?

So far this year we have been exceptionally busy rescuing horses from across the country as well as campaigning to get horse welfare acts changed nationally and local Authorities to act on a local level. There has also been a lot happening at the sanctuary that we’re just itching to tell you about. At the […]

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Mardyke Plains

Year of the horse – Year of the horse welfare crisis

The Country is in the grip of a horse crisis. Every day horses are dying and suffering and the Authorities seem powerless to help them. In this The Year of The Horse we have to make every effort possible to change things for these gentle and humble creatures. This is our one chance to show […]

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Our plans for 2014

2014 is the Chinese year of the Horse and we are determined to make this a year to remember by focusing on four main areas of welfare and education. We want to focus on the horses in Thurrock, the horses in Harlow, continue to highlight the plight of tethered horses and to organise another elderly […]

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Mardyke Plains

Our campaign for horses on mardyke plains

Firstly, we hope you had a restful Christmas and New Year and spent some quality time with loved ones. This is, after all, what Christmas is about! During the Christmas period, we have spent our time working to help remove the horses from the flooded Mardyke plains and take them to a safer site, better suited […]

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Remember Remus

With Remembrance Day just gone, Remus thought it would be a good idea to reflect on how the horses made an extremely positive impact on The Great War. World War one broke out in Western Europe in August 1914, with devastating effects. The trench warfare was a horror nobody could have predicted. Soldiers fighting in […]

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Keeping your horse safe during bonfire night

Bonfire night is fast approaching and firework displays are beginning.  It can be a distressing time for horses and a stressful time for owners if you don’t know how best to keep your animals safe; preparation is key. Keeping the horse to their normal routine, with their usual friends is important. By ensuring they are […]

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Remus Horses in Winter

Exercising your horse in the winter

As horrible as it is to admit, winter is approaching faster than we’d like. A horse should be exercised every day, and winter is no exception to this rule. How, though, can you ensure exercising your horse in the winter is a safe and happy experience for both you and your horse. Firstly, don’t forget […]

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