Horse Sanctuary Signs up for New Fundraising Platform

Remus Horse Sanctuary has recently signed up to a new fundraising platform called Golden Giving. The change comes following the merger of the platform previously known as ‘Make A Donation’ with Golden Giving.

Golden Giving is a not-for-profit charity giving platform that empowers charities and their supporters to do amazing things. Golden Giving provides essential tools to raise funds, connect and engage with supporters. Golden Giving is the most feature-rich web platform, enabling greater supporter engagement and funds generation, and provides its service at cost, compared with profit making platforms, such as Just Giving, Local Giving, Givey and Charity Checkout.

Golden Giving is run by a group of technology professionals and industry partners, with the mission to enable the best online funds generation and supporter engagement outcomes for charities and their supporters. Golden Giving has a measurable social impact and says, “they help create a stronger society and enhance the prosperity of local communities”.

After 7 years, Make A Donation had been considering how best to move forward in a world of never-ending technological changes. They explored a number of routes to develop the changes required but, in the end, realised that there was more strength in numbers and therefore decided to merge with Golden Giving.

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary comments, “As a charity, we are always looking at new platforms to help with our fundraising activities and Golden Giving offers many solutions including online tickets, raffles, contactless donations and memberships just to name a few.

 “We particularly like their ethos of #EthicalGiving and we’re still finding out the many ways in which Golden Giving can help us!”

You can donate via Golden Giving here, or for further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

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