Elderly Equine Education Workshops

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex is leading the way in terms of elderly horse care and will be hosting two equine workshops over the next month: Routine Care Incorporating Nutrition on Saturday 20 February, and Health and Disease on Saturday 5 March. Both equine workshops will take place at the Sanctuary from 10am to 2pm and tickets can be bought online via the Remus website for £35 each.

Sue Burton, Founder of the Sanctuary says, “With our animals living much longer we are faced with a variety of issues that need attention to ensure that our equine companions thrive to a ripe old age!” These two workshops will give owners and carers valuable insight into the routine care needed for an elderly equine and will be the ideal opportunity for horse and donkey lovers to learn directly from the experts.

The workshops will include a variety of topics including behavioural problems, the digestive system, teeth, worming, exercise requirements and, of course, the main issues associated with advancing years, such as metabolic diseases (PPID and EMS) and Colic, with preventative treatments, laminitis, arthritis and skin conditions. Owners and care-givers are recommended to attend both workshops for a thorough and full-rounded explanation and understanding.

Sue explained, “Like humans, horses are living much longer nowadays. When I first set up the Sanctuary 32 years ago, 15 was a good age for a horse but now it’s normal for them to live for over 30 years.  There have been so many veterinary advancements in the past few years that we’re a lot better equipped, but it’s also a matter of lifestyle, which we pioneer at the Sanctuary.”

To find out more and to book a place on the workshops, please click here.

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