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in 2015, at just 7 months old, Charlie was cruelly wrenched from his mum when his owners had no use for him. An hour later he arrived at Remus Horse Sanctuary, to start his new life.

We could only imagine what Charlie had been through in his young, short life; he was underweight, covered in lice and full of worms. He was terrified when he arrived, desperately needed his mum and had no idea where she had gone. We gave him a mirror so that he might think he had company and a huge teddy bear to give him something to cuddle up with. All day he stood looking in his mirror or licking it – thinking it was his mum – it was heart breaking. The physical scars can heal quickly but the mental ones are much more difficult to resolve.

After much nursing, good food, veterinary care and lots of love, he is much recovered. His best friend in the world is Dante, they run around and play all the time.

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For just £30 a year you will receive a glossy photograph, certificate of your sponsorship, and history of me, an invite to visit me and my friends, and some Remus goodies (car sticker and badge) and then twice a year, a further update on my progress.

The Remus Sponsorship Scheme helps us to provide ongoing care for the animals at the Sanctuary once they have been rescued and contributes towards funds for further animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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