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Rowan came in to the Sanctuary in August 2006 aged 18 months, desperately withdrawn and refusing to mix with the other horses. Little by little she put weight on and very slowly began to trust us. Then she produced a foal one night all on her own.

Because the stallion, and therefore the foal, was so big while Rowan was only small and young, it caused immense problems and she bled internally for a week. And then she went down with colic. Left out in a travellers’ field, Rowan and her foal would most almost certainly have died.

We named the foal Willow and they have spent the entire time since Willow’s birth together and will continue to do so. They have such a strong bond, never far away from each other in the field.

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For just £30 a year you will receive a glossy photograph, certificate of your sponsorship, and history of me, an invite to visit me and my friends, and some Remus goodies (car sticker and badge) and then twice a year, a further update on my progress.

The Remus Sponsorship Scheme helps us to provide ongoing care for the animals at the Sanctuary once they have been rescued and contributes towards funds for further animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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