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Pippa had been used in a stud as a tease mare. When she came to us she had a severe internal infection which needed months of veterinary treatment and nursing to clear, and she was extremely depressed. She is still very highly strung and nervous and we have to manage her very sensitively. She hates any horse around her hind quarters but loves best friend Dickie. We often find this with horses that have been used in stud conditions.

Pippa has had 2 operations to try and save her sight. She was diagnosed with early onset cataracts and unfortunately she couldn’t deal with being blind. This culminated in her running through a post-and-rail fence one day. This required lots of stitches and hours of veterinary work and the decision was made to consider surgery. At £5000 an eye, it was by no means cheap and we opted to do only one eye. This was performed at Newmarket under specialist supervision and was a success for about 6 months. However, through no fault of our own or the surgeons, the retina of that eye unfortunately detached and she lost her sight. We immediately considered surgery on her other eye and to this day it is still functioning well, but the old eye is dying back and may require removal.

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