Wally the Worm Picture Book



Wally the Worm is a picture book and a musical play for children to perform and enjoy. It was written by Remus Volunteer – Chris Parmenter – and is beautifully illustrated by children’s illustrator Colin Wyatt (of Poddington Pea fame).

Wally is one of the many insects and creatures who live and work in the garden of Tony the gardener. He is considered to be dull and unimportant by his more colourful companions who don’t include him in their fun and games. But when danger strikes and the garden is threatened, Wally may be the only one Tony can turn to for help. Will his courage save the day and earn him the respect he deserves?

If you’d like to find out more, visit Wally’s website here: Wally The Worm

As an extra special touch, each book is signed by the author!

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