Evicted Riding School Horses Saved

Following the recent financial collapse of Brook Farm Riding School, all 12 elderly horses have been re-homed and are now safe.  Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary successfully managed the entire rehoming and relocation process and Remus has paid all associated costs as well as providing homes for four of the ponies.

This comes at a time when Remus themselves are financially crippled and are asking for donations towards the upkeep of the four new animals.  Remus will be providing lifetime care for Candy, Coco, Scotty and Minty. Coco and Candy are both in their late 30’s, Minty has COPD (breathing problems) and Scotty has PPID (endocrine disorder).

The Riding School owner contacted Sue Burton a few weeks ago.  Due to financial reasons, the bailiffs had moved in and evicted the owner and the horses.  The horses were living in fields behind the riding school and needed homes urgently. Even their rugs had been seized.  Four of the animals had already been found homes and Remus arranged to take four and moved the remaining eight to another sanctuary in Norfolk.

Sue said, “Many Billericay youngsters learnt to ride on these ponies and there was very much a community spirit at the Riding School.  It was so sad to think of these horses who had been used  to being stabled suddenly living out in the rain and the cold, despite all being over 20 years old.  And, despite our own financial crisis, we are very pleased to have been able to help and ensure that all the horses have gone to good homes and will be safe for life.”

For further information and to make a donation via PayPal or JustGiving, visit www.remussanctuary.org or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.


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