Goats saved from slaughter with new home at Remus Horse Sanctuary

Remus Horse Sanctuary has literally provided sanctuary for Arnie, Patch, Bobby and Bonnie, by saving them from slaughter! The young goats, all about a year and a half old, were originally born and bred for meat but, thankfully, their owners couldn’t face it when the time came.

Arnie and Patch, the bigger of the four, are Boer goats which were originally bred for the meat industry due to their fast growth rate and good meat quality. However, the breed actually originates from South Africa where they were kept by tribespeople for land management. The smaller pair – Bobby and Bonnie – are both a Boer/Pygmy cross, hence their smaller size. They are all quite naughty and playful which is another trait of the breed.

The original owners, from a smallholding in Essex, came to love the animals whilst in their care and couldn’t face sending them to slaughter when the time came.

The goats have spent a period of time in isolation before being integrated with Remus’ existing goat herd.

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary, explained: “We were approached by our Farm Vet to see if we could offer these little goats a home. How could we say no – they’re just delightful little characters and we couldn’t possibly see them go to slaughter!

“Thankfully they integrated well with our existing herd and immediately made themselves at home! We look forward to introducing them to visitors at our first Open Day in May.”

To sponsor Arnie, Patch, Bobby or Bonnie or to find out further information about the invaluable work at the Sanctuary, visit www.remussanctuary.org or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

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