Help your Horse Beat the Heat

As summer continues, and with another heatwave predicted for the UK, it’s important to ensure your horse is well protected against the elements and any pests.

Keeping on top of horse care is half the battle, and we have in place at Remus Horse Sanctuary a summer management routine that ensures that the animals we look after are kept well during this time.

One of the major issues is flies – a real problem in horse yards – and a pest to your horse. A fly repellent and fly rug and mask will help your animal cope.

Another pest to tackle is the Culicoides midge, which can cause a common skin condition called sweet itch, which can make skin itchy and scaly. Stabling your horse between dusk and dawn is one way to avoid this.

As horse owners, we may enjoy not having to wade through mud during the summer months to look after our animals, but the hard ground can also be an issue. It’s important to be aware of the effect hard ground can have on their feet – a regular farrier routine is a must at this time of year.

Finally, when the weather hots up, horses need to be protected from the sun, just like us. You can use a sunscreen or UV-protection fly mask. Be especially careful with light-skinned animals.

There is more detailed advice in this excellent article, which should help you keep your horse happy and healthy all summer long.

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