New Horse Passport Legislation Doomed To Fail?

The latest news from Horse and Country identifies that “Europe’s proposed new horse passport laws pose a serious risk to equine welfare, according to leading equine organisations.”

Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare has said, “The updated law being considered by the European Union, whilst making significant progress in some areas, simply fails to learn from the problems of the past.  The draft as it stands will actually create even more implementation and enforcement problems – and could actually pose a serious risk to horse welfare”.

You can read the full article here:

Our thoughts are these:

  • It is important that whatever system put forward is workable and enforceable.
  • Local authorities presently are unable to put the resources into enforcing passport legislation – therefore its no good putting forward a system that is doomed before it starts!
  • We must find a workable solution and it must also encompass the traveller horse issue, which existing legislation fails to address.

Too often, when there is an issue, the Government claim they have passed legislation but, due to financial constraints, the local authorities are unable to carry out or not enforcing the legislation.  If the law is not enforceable or workable then it may as well have not been passed!

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