Storm Eunice Wreaks Havoc at Elderly Horse Sanctuary

Storm Eunice raged through the Sanctuary on Friday 18 February 2022, tearing apart field shelters and flipping them into the air like cardboard, flattening fences and ripping tiles from roofs. Please help Remus rebuild and make the necessary repairs and replacements.

Field Shelters cannot be covered by insurance and, due to the rising cost of timber and inflation, Ms Burton is estimating a total of £34,500 will be required to address the full list of repairs resulting in the wake of Storm Eunice.

Initial investigations have reported a lengthy list of repairs at the Sanctuary amounting to tens of thousands of pounds. Major repairs are required as follows:

  • Five field shelters destroyed
  • Roof tiles missing from Donkey shed and across the yard
  • Skylights in roofs blown out
  • Apex and other bits of roofs broken
  • Fencing smashed to ground

Founder of the charity, Sue Burton said, “We have never seen such devastation in such a short period of time – five field shelters were shattered, fences were flattened and tiles were ripped from roofs.

“As a charity we’re still reeling from the pandemic and losing out on all that fundraising for such a long period of time, so for something like this to happen now… well it’s beyond words!”

To help rebuild Remus please donate via their JustGiving page at

For further information about the invaluable work at the Sanctuary, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

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