Celebrating 40 Years

2023 marks the Sanctuary’s 40th Birthday, which is an absolutely amazing achievement especially given all the setbacks and issues that we have faced over those years. We are proud to have done so much good work and touched, helped and saved so many horses, ponies, donkeys and other animals over the years but we could not have done it without you and your help and support. Thank you so much for all that you do and have done for Remus over the years, and to our staff and volunteers, our vets and suppliers, and the Holistic Team and Physiotherapists who all come together to do the very best that we can for as many needy animals as we can.

“Wherever man has left his footprints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoofprints of a horse beside it!”

It’s been a busy winter at Remus. You’ll remember that in the summer we had no grass due to the heatwave – the paddocks turned to scrub and dust! Then in October and November it was so mild that the grass just kept growing and growing, so we experienced (and saw) a lot of laminitic cases at a time of year when you would not expect it. Since then, we’ve seen flooding and freezing, and snow, and more flooding. And freezing. Which is why we have just launched our winter hay appeal. Please will you help us?

There are lots of other ways you can help us too: are you able to get one new member signed up; get some of our leaflets out; organise a fundraising event for us; ask your local shop about taking one of our collection tins? The winter is a particularly difficult time for us at the best of times, but in the present economic climate, that of course, becomes much more difficult – so please if you can support Remus in any way it would be such a tremendous help.

Please do get in touch if you can make a donation towards the winter appeal – you can do so online or by calling the office to make a donation over the telephone, or by sending a cheque. It is so rewarding at the end of a working day to walk around the Sanctuary and see all the animals happy, contented and eating, and relaxed, and to know that they are all safe for life and will never have to fear hunger, pain or suffering again. YOUR help makes this possible.

Click to learn more and donate to our Winter Hay Appeal.

London Community Engagement Agency Supports Essex Horse Charity 2020-21

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary – the horse rescue charity located at Buttsbury, near Ingatestone in Essex, is delighted to receive a £500 donation from London-based Skyline Comms Ltd, during this very difficult time. Despite the recent statement from the Government, there was no olive branch for animal charities and furloughing staff is not an option due to the wholly necessary care of the rescued animals.

Ms Burton said:We need our staff to care for the 200 horses and donkeys at the Sanctuary and they still need paying and the animals still need feeding and caring for. No mention was made by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak about animal charities. We are disappointed that we have been overlooked as a sector.

“It is a relief that companies like Skyline Comms are stepping forward, recognising the important work that we do here and helping us to remain open without any prospect of fundraising or event activity.”

Skyline Comms take their CSR responsibility seriously. They aim to support smaller charities that ensure donations where made have the most impact. Whilst being a national company, a significant proportion of their activity is in the Eastern Region, so they tend to support charities in that geographic area. In this challenging time, they know that Remus Horse Sanctuary has been hit hard by not being able to hold open days and fundraising events – which is why Skyline Comms is stepping forward now.

Skyline Comms Ltd specialises in the community and political engagement on planning projects working with developers. This ranges from scientific commercial hubs to homes for the elderly to residential housing estate developments.

Managing Director James Hockney (pictured top left with his wife) said, “We are delighted to be supporting Remus Horse Sanctuary with this donation. Many charities have been hard hit – and especially smaller charities like Remus who rely on open days and fundraising events to cover their costs. When they are spending thousands of pounds a month just on medications – before you even consider feed, hay, staff, rent, repairs, utilities – we at Skyline Comms felt the need to step in and help right now.”

Ms Burton concluded, “I can hardly express how thankful I am to James Hockney and Skyline Comms as I am even more concerned for the long term future. Clearly we’re going to be in this state for some months, not weeks. Please do support Remus. Our animals rely on your support and need you now more than at any other time.”

For further information, visit www.remussanctuary.org or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

35th Anniversary

Can you help the Sanctuary this year on our 35th birthday?

  • Perhaps you could help run a stall at our events, put up a poster in your local shop or vets, can you ask your local shop if they will take one of our collection tins?
  • Perhaps you could help Carrie with her talks raising awareness of what we do at the charity throughout the year?
  • Or could you volunteer for a few hours here at the farm?
  • Can you help keep an eye on horses near you to check they are being fed and watered?
  • Could you rattle some tins on your local High Street?
  • Can you organise a fundraising event for Remus?
  • What about giving a friend the gift of membership for their birthday or sponsoring an animal to give to a loved one as a gift?

There are lots of ways that you can help Remus and we try and make it as easy as possible, with ideas like those above and also lots of useful information here on our website. Click on any of the links above to learn more or, of course, do pick up the phone!

Our founder, Sue Burton, says, “As you’ll know by now, 2018 is Remus’ 35th birthday and some of our members have been with us since day one which I think is amazing! It never fails to surprise me just how wonderful our friends and supporters are.

“Thank you all for all that you do for Remus in whatever way you do.”

Latest news and events for 2018

You’ll be pleased to hear that our website is now fully up to date with our events for 2018. Click here to find out more about our events, including our Spring Sales, Quiz Night and Ladies’ Fashion Show and our Kids Pony Days return for the Easter holidays. Click here to download and print a pdf of all dates.

Life at the Sanctuary is not getting any easier, so we try to make it as simple as possible for you to help us here at the Charity, from supporting our events, to donating clothing and bric-a-brac, to volunteering. Click on any of the highlighted links below and you’ll be directed to the appropriate page on our website.

Food & Donations

It’s that time of year when donations go down but our costs rise as we need more bedding, food and forage on site and need to try to get forage and water out to as many horses left tethered on the sides of the road as we can. Can you help us with a donation or food?

Also at this time of year we use more money on pain relief for the old horses and ponies who have arthritis and joint issues and rugs for all the horses, especially in the severe cold spells like we’ve recently experienced, so it really is a very costly time for us.

These efforts can mean the difference between life and death, so thank you for any help that you may be able to offer!

Afternoon Teas & Open Days

Looking ahead to the warmer weather, both of these events are very good for Remus from a promotional and a fundraising perspective but we are desperate for people to join our Afternoon Tea Team and our Open Day Teams.

There are seven Afternoon Teas planned for this year and six Open Days. If you can help at either, or would like more information to help promote these events, please do call or email the Sanctuary.

We really do need more help to both continue these events and to make them successful. Find out more about volunteering here.


Do you have any unwanted presents – Christmas or Birthday – that you no longer want or require or any good quality bric-a-brac? If so we would love to have them at the Sanctuary to help raise funds for the horses.

Don’t forget we can turn your used stamps, old coins, foreign currency, old phones, old clothes, printer cartridges, any World War memorabilia, and books into cash for the animals!

For details of all of the ways you can help Remus with your recycling, and more, please click here and do remember to encourage your friends and family for us too!

35th Anniversary Year for Horse Rescue Charity

As Remus Horse Sanctuary, in Essex, enters its 35th Anniversary Year, Founder Sue Burton, looks back at 2017.  The horse charity was founded in 1983 and is now home to more horses than ever before due to the horse welfare crisis in the UK and the many animals caught up in its icy grip.  Presently Remus gives sanctuary to 82 horses and ponies, nine donkeys and Jess, the mule!

Sue commented: “2017 saw the usual ups and downs of life at the charity – the ups were definitely watching the rescued animals come in to the Sanctuary and recover from their trauma and, of course, the visit from HRH The Countess of Wessex in June was a highlight for all of us; while the downs had to be the break-in and the loss of friends both two and four legged.”

The break-in occurred in November when, already strapped for cash and heading into the hard winter months, vandals broke in to the premises at Little Farm, Buttsbury, near Ingatestone stealing over £1000 in cash and creating significant damage to the charity’s offices and equipment – which required thousands of pounds to repair and rebuild.

Remus Horse Sanctuary is funded totally by public donations and its own fundraising and event activities.  Details of the Kid’s Pony Days and Open Days for 2018 can already be found on the website at www.remussanctuary.org and special events for the 35th Anniversary Year will be announced in due course.

The Countess, who joined the charity as a Patron in 2013, visited the Sanctuary on 29 June 2017, for a tour of the facilities and to learn more about issues such as: tethering, cruelty and neglect, indiscriminate breeding and abandonment, and elderly horses – all of which continue to escalate around the UK.

The Sanctuary continues to rescue horses and ponies from across Southern England, who are victims of physical and mental abuse, be it as a result of ignorance or malicious intent.  Sue also works alongside other like-minded organisations to inform and update on rescue operations and on the particular care required for elderly horses – of which the charity is a specialist.

“The Sanctuary just couldn’t survive without the help, support, generosity and loyalty of the staff, volunteers and supporters, said Sue, “but still its incredibly tough to continue year on year. I implore anyone who loves animals to get in touch and help us out.”

For further information, visit www.remussanctuary.org or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.


Support Remus when Shopping for Winter Clothes

Love shopping online? You can raise free donations for us when you update your winter wardrobe and shop at Next, House of Fraser, Debenhams and many more via Give as you Live.

Did you know that you can raise money for Remus Horse Sanctuary when buying your winter clothing, without it costing you a penny extra?

Well you can, just by shopping online via Give as you Live.

So, this Autumn, whether you’re buying new wellies, warm coats, fluffy hats or snuggly scarves, please remember to shop online through Give as you Live and raise money for Remus Horse Sanctuary, at absolutely no extra cost.

Please help spread the word and get others raising free donations for Remus when they shop online through Give as you Live. Use Twitter and Facebook to tell all your friends today.

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Introducing Cards for Causes

We are delighted to introduce you to Cards for Causes, the exclusive members only scheme from the nice people at Give as you Live.

As a member, you can raise up to 6% in FREE donations for Remus Horse Sanctuary when you buy or top-up Give as you Live’s NEW store cards! What’s more, this is a free scheme for you to join, there is no cost to you, just benefits!

With a wide range of shopping cards for popular stores including the likes of Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Starbucks, you’ll be able to continue giving to Remus at no extra cost, whenever you shop in-store or online.

There is no cost for your registration, nor any on-costs for your shopping experience.

And now, with an even greater variety of retailers shopping cards to choose from, it’s never been easier for you to raise FREE donations for our charity.

Shop Cards for Causes here!

Open Season at Remus Horse Sanctuary

Remus Horse Sanctuary is delighted to open its gates and welcome visitors to the Sanctuary for the first time this year on Sunday 1 May 2016.  Further dates throughout the 2016 season can be found below:

  • Sunday 5 June
  • Sunday 3 July
  • Sunday 7 August
  • Sunday 4 September
  • Sunday 2 October

Open on each of the above dates from 1pm to 5pm, the Sanctuary offers entertainment for the whole family including competitions and games, music from local band Midnite Blu, delicious refreshments including gluten-free sandwiches and homemade cakes, lots of stalls and a raffle.  Parking is available on-site, with disabled access and dogs are welcome on a lead.  Admission will be charged at just £4 per adult and £2 for children. Members of the Sanctuary will receive a discount upon presentation of their membership card.

Visitors to the Open Days will be able to meet 7-month old foal Charlie [pictured], who was cruelly wrenched from his mum in 2015 when his owners simply had no use for him, Dante who was dumped at the Sanctuary’s gates again in 2015 and Jess and Bracken, born at the Sanctuary in 2014 to rescued, blind mares, Grace and Hollie.

The Sanctuary is currently providing rehabilitation and care for over 200 animals, including horses, ponies, donkeys, cows, goats, sheep and cats.  The Open Days are a vital source of fundraising for the charity which, due to its location on greenbelt land, can only open to the public for a limited number of days each year.

Founder of the Sanctuary, Sue Burton, says, “we love inviting the public to come and visit the Sanctuary and learn more about what we do.  We always have such a great time showing off our facilities and our amazing animals and giving people an insight into the valuable work that we do.”

For further information, contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

Meet Charlie – One of the Lucky Ones!

Charlie is a 7 month-old colt who was cruelly wrenched from his mum when his owners had no use for him. An hour later he arrived at Remus Horse Sanctuary, to start his new life.

Remus can only imagine what Charlie has been through in his young, short life. Charlie is underweight and clearly hasn’t been fed regularly. Remus can rectify that and deal with the lice that are eating him from the outside and the worms attacking him from the inside, but sadly they can’t heal the mental scars. What they can do, with the public’s help, is give him love, care, attention and a safe place to live for life, without cruelty and without placing any demands on him.

Charlie is the lucky one!  The Sanctuary is dealing with hundreds of horses left in dire conditions, and the staff are finding themselves called on to try to help more and more innocent creatures who, through no fault of their own, are caught up in the ever widening horse welfare crisis. The crisis is getting worse and is already putting huge financial strain on the Sanctuary, yet it is still early in terms of the winter season.  This Christmas many horses across the county (and beyond) will stand tethered to the ground without food, water, attention or care, let alone love.

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary says: “Charlie’s been so sad that we’ve placed a mirror in his stable for company whilst he’s in isolation. All day he looks at that mirror and it breaks my heart to see him licking it, obviously thinking of his mum. We’re sure he’ll make friends and bond with our other animals once he’s out of isolation. Please, help us to help Charlie and to help get food and water to the hundreds of other horses and ponies out there, who are less fortunate.”

All of Remus’ animals are available for sponsorship and make a truly unique Christmas gift.

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