Pony Days Return to Remus Horse Sanctuary

The long-awaited children’s Pony Days organised by Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, will return for the summer holidays. Priced at just £45 per person, the Pony Days are suitable for boys and girls aged 9 years and over. The day will last from approximately 11am to 4pm and the 2016 dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 3 August
  • Wednesday 10 August
  • Sunday 14 August – Adults Only
  • Wednesday 17 August
  • Wednesday 24 August
  • Wednesday 31 August

For anyone thinking of getting a pony or horse for their child or for those who just love being around them, this is the perfect day. Places are limited to just six children per date and bookings can be made via the website or by contacting the Sanctuary on tel: 01277 356191. Children will need to bring a packed lunch and refreshments for the day.

Each day, children attending will be ‘loaned’ a pony, to make up its feed, be taught how to groom and turn it out into the field, shown how to clean out the pony’s stable and make a nice new bed for him or her to come back into later. There’ll also be lots of tips, information and fun throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the Sanctuary has had to cancel two vital fundraising events recently due to wet weather. Events and fundraising play a vital part in raising much-needed funds to keep the Sanctuary going and Sue Burton, Founder, says, “We are delighted to welcome children and horse lovers back to the Sanctuary for our Pony Days this year. The work we do here is vital and these days are both great fun and a great way of educating the kids on animal welfare”.

For further information and to book, visit the website here or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

Pictured in the first image are three of the Remus rescue animals including foal Dante (middle) who was dumped at Remus’ gates back in February 2015; he was just skin and bone, had clearly only recently lost his mum and didn’t even know what hay and food was. He was terrified and depressed. Talking to Dante on his left is Charlie and on his right is little Stix.

Meet Charlie – One of the Lucky Ones!

Charlie is a 7 month-old colt who was cruelly wrenched from his mum when his owners had no use for him. An hour later he arrived at Remus Horse Sanctuary, to start his new life.

Remus can only imagine what Charlie has been through in his young, short life. Charlie is underweight and clearly hasn’t been fed regularly. Remus can rectify that and deal with the lice that are eating him from the outside and the worms attacking him from the inside, but sadly they can’t heal the mental scars. What they can do, with the public’s help, is give him love, care, attention and a safe place to live for life, without cruelty and without placing any demands on him.

Charlie is the lucky one!  The Sanctuary is dealing with hundreds of horses left in dire conditions, and the staff are finding themselves called on to try to help more and more innocent creatures who, through no fault of their own, are caught up in the ever widening horse welfare crisis. The crisis is getting worse and is already putting huge financial strain on the Sanctuary, yet it is still early in terms of the winter season.  This Christmas many horses across the county (and beyond) will stand tethered to the ground without food, water, attention or care, let alone love.

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary says: “Charlie’s been so sad that we’ve placed a mirror in his stable for company whilst he’s in isolation. All day he looks at that mirror and it breaks my heart to see him licking it, obviously thinking of his mum. We’re sure he’ll make friends and bond with our other animals once he’s out of isolation. Please, help us to help Charlie and to help get food and water to the hundreds of other horses and ponies out there, who are less fortunate.”

All of Remus’ animals are available for sponsorship and make a truly unique Christmas gift.

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