UK horses need our help!

You may notice a common theme in our recent blogs, and there is a reason for this. 2014 is the year of the horse and at Remus we are concentrating on the welfare of horses. Especially how the laws need to be changed as the current ones are not taking into consideration abandoned horses, fly grazing, tethering etc; we have been around the country meeting with representatives from other horse sanctuaries and even out to horses that have been abandoned to see what we can do.
Along with the Fosse horse initiative, Remus is attending a peaceful protest at the House of Commons on the 16th April from 12-2pm. Why are we doing this? The problem with horse welfare, tethering, fly grazing and abandoned horses is that the whole country needs to work together if we are to put an end to the cruelty to these majestic creatures. It baffles me that I even need to write about this as we live in a highly developed country where we can get pretty much anything we want at the click of a button. We seem to struggle, however, to notice the plight of the horses that are left to fend for themselves.
Our aim for the protest is to highlight the present equine crisis and that the existing laws do not offer horses, ponies and donkeys sufficient protection
We have seen some awful sights this year and terrible scenes of cruelty and unfortunately it is too late for thousands of horses in the UK, but if we can make a change this year, we will be doing something for the future generations of horses that are being born on our soil in the future.
If you are interested in joining our protest on the 16th, visit our protest page on Facebook  where you will find all of the current news and information. Please remember to keep the protest peaceful, lawful and respectful; we are representing ourselves and need to get our point across in an effective way!

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