What a few months it has been!

Davey donkey came in earlier this year with a huge penile tumour and we were faced with the reality of putting him to sleep or sending him for surgery.  The surgery required the complete removal of the penile area and was incredibly invasive.  It was a very difficult decision to decide what to do for the best for him, as donkeys are also a higher anaesthetic risk but he was only 13yrs old and had his life ahead of him.  He had spent much of his life cooped up on his own and he could not believe his luck when he had the freedom of his own paddock and 8 other donkey friends. Without question we saw Davey smile!!!  He so loved his new life.

Eventually the decision was taken to give him the chance of life, It was absolutely the right decision, He went into the Vets on the Tuesday, had the operation on the Wednesday and was back grazing in his paddock on Thursday. It was such a relief and now he has his life ahead of him.

Whilst all this was going Pippa horse who had cataracts suddenly lost all sight. One evening she got spooked by a thunderstorm and ran into the fencing causing herself immense injuries and one wound which required 150 stitches.
We could not get her into a stable as she could not cope with the change from light to dark so with the Vet having sedated her we had to set up intense lights in the stable so she could see, dark and light to walk in. Then came the long task of waiting for her to heal.

Eventually the wounds healed sufficiently and she calmed down enough to be considered for cataract surgery at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. The biggest worry with this other than the cost was how we were going to get a highly strung horse who could not see into a horse box. Again we were left with no choice as it was a case of surgery or having to put her to sleep and yet she was only 17years old.

The decision was made and again we had the struggle to find the money to pay for her operation and our thanks go to you, our loyal supporters for your kindness and generosity and your caring spirit for helping us raise sufficient funds to be able to send yet another Remus animal off for life saving surgery.


Loading Pippa was far from easy but eventually she arrived safely at the Animal health Trust and the operation was performed the next day. There were complications and at one point it seemed we were at great risk of losing her but being the fighter she is she pulled through and bit by bit her eye improved and she began to see. She now has full sight in one eye and is home safe.

Two days before she arrived home one of our staff noticed a lump on Hovis donkey and it seems now that he too has a penile tumour which, because it has been caught early, will require him to go to surgery for laser treatment that will remove it for good, It has just been months of up and down and that’s without all the usual day to day pressures including the flooding! I recall one day a few months ago stood up to my ankles in water sweeping the water away to try to stop it swamping my office.


On top of all this the financial situation is far from good and with the winter ahead I have to admit I am very concerned as to how we are going to get through the winter. On top of trying to keep the animals here well and fed and cared for we will come under extreme pressure to help many horses over the winter months who are left without food or proper care.

Can I appeal to you to help in one of two ways: – Can you help by making a donation to the Sanctuary to help us to get through the winter months or can you think of any fundraising ideas, can you organise an event at work or at a school? A coffee morning amongst your friends? If you have any ideas at all then please do get in touch.

On behalf of all the animals at Remus I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your support of them and the work that we do for them

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