Sylvia’s Story

Black and White Cat
DOB 2013
Came to Remus 2013

I arrived at Remus back in 2013 along with four of my brothers and sisters; we were only 6 weeks old and no longer wanted. Smudge (who is black and white like me), Roxy (who is tortoiseshell) and Smokey and Midnight, (who are both black).

We all live here now and we couldn’t be happier, and we can come and go as we like. We also made new friends with the other cats, Boris (he can be very bossy), Ginger and Blackie.

We all get fed our breakfast, then have a play, and then it’s lunch time after which we usually have a nice sleep somewhere warm like the barn or even the offices. Then we have our tea in the evening and settle down again. Some of us like to go out and patrol the yard at night, and make sure all the other animals are safe.

I love people so I always go looking for a fuss and to say hello to anyone I can. Whenever the vet comes to Remus, me and Smudge always find them to say hello, but also to check what’s going on and to make sure all the animals are getting the best care.

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