Winter Feed Appeal

You can help hundreds of horses like Daisy (pictured) survive this winter by supporting our 2018 Winter Feed Appeal.

Many horses will die this winter without food. We can help them, but we need your donations to help us buy the sheer volume of hay that is always required. We cannot afford to buy the lorry loads of hay to deliver out, without your support.

In the picture, Daisy is safe, warm and fed, now happily residing at Remus Horse Sanctuary – she is one of eight horses that we rescued in the summer of 2018. Two of those horses were left out in the heatwave with no food, water or shelter; two horses were kept in a cage, again with no food or water; four stallions had been kept in closed dirty stables for two years… Can you picture the horror of that situation?

Sadly, it’s one that many, many foals and horses experience and will die without our assistance. The cold winter months will make any situation worse and we will need to get food and water out to them regularly to avoid starvation and ultimately death. We will try to deliver as many lorry-loads of hay to those horses that need it, but it will set the Sanctuary back many thousands of pounds. We need your help to raise those funds.

At present, there are more than 7,000 horses at risk in the UK and the welfare crisis in this country continues to escalate year on year with little or no progress – when the mares foal, the problem doubles and so on and so forth each year.

The news regularly features horses that are victims of physical and mental abuse and we continue to receive calls daily throughout the year. Keeping an animal fed over winter will give it a chance to thrive into spring. Forage also helps a horse keep warm. Without the Sanctuary’s help, many animals will die a slow, painful and unnecessary death.

Please, help us to help them! You can make a donation on our JustGiving page or buy hay and other food stuffs on our website.

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us and our animals and we look forward to seeing you again for our first Open Day in May.

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