World Animal Day

World Animal Day, officially 4 October, has become a global celebration for all animals and the people who love and respect them – and we were proud to celebrate and support this global movement to raise the status of animals everywhere at our final Open Day of the 2022 season on Sunday 2 October.

World Animal Day is known on every continent and celebrated in different ways in many countries, with no regard to nationality, religion or political ideology.

Events such as ours, and the world over, draws attention to animal issues and makes them front page news around the globe – a vital catalyst for change. Through increased awareness and education, we sincerely hope that the world will become a fairer place for animals.

Key facts:

  • Over 1,000 events are run every year across the World
  • #WorldAnimalDay trended in 56 Countries on October 4 2019
  • And reached 39 million people around the globe
  • Many celebrities across the World support the campaign
  • World Animal Day has 97 Ambassadors across 75 Countries
  • The WAD Grant has supported 12 projects since 2014
  • Naturewatch Foundation has been the driving force for over 15 years
  • World Animal Day has been celebrated on October 4 for over 90 years

Click on the link if you would like to learn the history of World Animal Day.

Each and every one of us can make a difference. Visit the World Animal Day website and make your pledge to support Remus throughout the year ahead. To set up a monthly donation, please visit the Remus website and select ‘Monthly’ from the dropdown.

Sunday saw a delightful end to our summer events season. It was so warm that Mickey Mouse had to step in last minute for Olaf – or we fear he might have melted in the sunshine! You can see from the ground, how dry it continues to be, with very little grass growth as yet. Please, if you can, share the details of our Urgent Hay Appeal.

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