Worlds Oldest Horse at Remus Horse Sanctuary

Following much speculation in the national press over the past week, Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary will be making formal enquiries as to whether their 50-year-old Arab thoroughbred cross is in fact the oldest horse in the world. The Sanctuary has made contact with the Veteran Horse Society in Wales and the Guinness Book of World Records and awaiting a response.

The previous record holder, Shayne, a 51-year-old liver chestnut Irish Draught cross thoroughbred, who died in September 2014, was also rescued by Remus. The average life span of a horse is between 25 and 30 years.

Orchid arrived at the Sanctuary in May 2014, seriously underweight. Yet she has subsequently stunned staff and vets by her recovery and put on 100 kilograms in weight. When Orchid was originally found by her previous owners in Wales, she was lying on the floor, full of sores and had given up and awaiting death. She is almost totally blind although it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. Orchid is fed a carrot-free diet but goes through four to five cabbages a week, over 200 throughout the course of the year.

Sue Burton, founder of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, said, “Like humans, horses are living much longer nowadays. When I first set up the Sanctuary 31 years ago, 15 was a good age for a horse but now it’s normal for them to live to about 30. There have been so many veterinary advancements in the past few years that we’re a lot better equipped, but it’s also a matter of lifestyle, which we pioneer at the Sanctuary. Plus Orchid knows her own mind which is great to see for a horse of her age! Every morning when we go down to the stables, she will bang on the door waiting for her breakfast and doesn’t stop until we give her what she wants!”

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