Remus Takes Part in Essex Lottery Case Study

As our supporters will know, Covid-19 all but wiped out our usual fundraising events in 2020. However, we still need approximately £400,000 a year for daily food, water and veterinary care. So, a few months ago, we decided to sign up as a good cause with Essex Lottery.

Sue Burton said: “If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s the importance of staying local and investing in local. That really was the main appeal for us to sign up as a good cause. It was also incredibly easy and there were no sign-up costs.”

Sue was therefore delighted when Essex Lottery invited the Sanctuary to take part in a case study recently, where she was able to talk in depth about the work of the Sanctuary and some of its success stories, such as our blind mares Hollie and Grace. We very much hope that this will increase knowledge of our work thoughout Essex and help us raise some of those vitally-needed funds. You can read the full case study here.

Buy a ticket and support us

Please buy a ticket or two to support us, from only £1 a week.

We receive 50% of the ticket sale with another 10% going to other good causes in Essex.

There are weekly prizes of up to £25,000!

Get your ticket at

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for a Socially Distanced World

For Mothering Sunday 2021, Remus Horse Sanctuary are offering to include a Mother’s Day card with hand-written personalised message within their sponsorship packages this year, to assist those unable to get out and shop or visit the Post Office during the current lockdown.

This year, Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday 14 March. Under current lockdown rules, non-essential shops such as card and gift shops, restaurants and pubs will remain shut. Indoor socialising will still be banned and people will still be advised to stay at home.

The team at Remus Horse Sanctuary are always looking for creative and imaginative ways to boost fundraising for the charity and the idea of adding a greetings card within the sponsorship package is highly relevant right now. Furthermore, funding continues to be problematic during 2021 and fundraising even more important than normal.

The sponsorship gift packages are popular at the Sanctuary all year round and offer a unique and different type of gift. Once lockdown rules are relaxed later in the year, the Sanctuary will be able to re-open to the public, and sponsors and recipients will be able to visit and meet their animals.

Details of the animals available for sponsorship and dates of all events are shared on the charity’s website at To ensure delivery of the pack and greetings card for Mother’s Day, orders should be placed with first class post no later than 12 noon on Thursday 11 March. If orders are placed after this time or on Friday, a voucher can be emailed.

Sue Burton, Founder of the Sanctuary, said: “We find that horses such as the blind mares Holly and Grace and their two youngsters are particularly popular as Mother’s Day gifts due to their own particular stories, and orphans such as Dante and Charlie.”

For further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

Cryptic Quiz to Entertain You

Jenny Palmer’s cryptic quizzes have for many years helped to provide a little of the much-needed funds for the Sanctuary.

Her present Lockdown Quiz is currently on sale at £1.50 a copy and there is a prize of £25 for the winner! The quiz is guaranteed to fill in some of those hours of boredom whilst in lockdown.

Obviously Jenny is unable to sell her quizzes at live events, so if you able to help her and, of course, the Sanctuary, by purchasing a copy please get in touch with her. Jenny can be contacted either by telephone on 01277 654065, by email at, or by mail at 38 Little Norsey Road, Billericay, CM11 1BL.

Thank you for your support

New Year PUSH for New Shelter Roof

Happy New Year to you! Just before Christmas, we launched a new fundraising appeal to help us to build a new roof for one of our shelters which houses Pippa, Sophie, Dickie and Megan…

The area that we call the shelter is a large area enclosed on three sides with two gate size openings at the front which allows access to the laminitic paddock. This area is lived in by Pippa, Sophie, Dickie and Megan. If you were fortunate to visit us for the one Open Day of 2020 when we could actually open to the public, you may have seen it. It is the large barn on the right hand side as you enter the yard.

Last year we grew very concerned as the roof began to leak and, despite two patch up jobs the leaks have continued! It is very important for us to get this roof fixed prior to the really bad weather starting as these horses will need the protection.

We have received a quote for the works and, to fit the extra timbers to the inside, then fix treated timber battens over the existing felt to the entire roof area spaced from the eaves to top of the roof; pack some of these battens out to reduce the bow in the roof bays, and then fit PVC coated galvanised steel sheeting and barge boards to either end and flashing at the top…will cost £3,600 including VAT.

Will you help us raise the necessary funds by giving our appeal a big New Year PUSH?

You can donate online directly via this link: and please do share the details of our appeal on your social media profiles and with your friends and family.

Thank you!

Huge Deficit Faced by Essex Horse Charity

Like many charities, Remus Horse Sanctuary is suffering financially due to the impact of Covid-19 on its fundraising activities. Founder, Sue Burton believes that the charity will be facing a funding gap somewhere in excess of £337,000 for events and fundraising activities cancelled so far this year, stating that it costs £450,000 per annum to remain open.


“At the beginning of each year, I know that we have to find hundreds of thousands of pounds just to remain open, to feed the animals and to cover the medication bills,” said Ms Burton.

The majority of fundraising activities and events take place during the warmer months from March to October all of which, apart from one, have had to be cancelled. The deficit can be estimated at a sobering £10,500 per week.

Mounting a rescue operation is extremely expensive including equipment, medical expenses and transport costs. Though the greatest impact is felt by the charity once the animals are on-site at their Sanctuary near Ingatestone in Essex – financially, emotionally, physically and mentally – as Ms Burton explained:

“The majority of animals that we rescue are, at best, malnourished and full of worms. They may have been abandoned, neglected or mistreated. Some may not recognise food and hay, let alone know what to do with it. Some may be suffering from Cushings or Laminitis. Often their lower teeth are found growing into their top gums. Some may be crippled either by overgrown hooves or injury.

“Some will have shut down completely, near death, depressed and, despite all of our best efforts, just can’t be saved. It takes its toll on them and on us. But we can’t give up, we have to continue trying to help these magnificent creatures.” 


The charity was hoping that the few remaining events scheduled, along with their online gift shop, will generate some interest. However, as Essex has now been raised to Covid-19 Alert Level High, even those few sales are unlikely to happen.

The Christmas Gift Shop is now available online with some lovely gift items including stocking fillers, new and exclusive Christmas card designs for 2020 and a new wall calendar for 2021, which features a variety of rescued animals residing at the Sanctuary. Visit The Sanctuary will also accept orders placed over the telephone.

New items for 2020 include a Christmas Biscuit Gift Drum (£3.50) available as Caramel and Sea Salt biscuits or Clotted Cream shortbread, Clotted Cream Fudge (£3.25) and Milk Chocolate Truffles (£4.50). The majority of items come with a choice of Christmas design.

Sponsorship of an animal, like Blax [pictured], can also make a lovely gift for animal lovers and welfare supporters – with horses, ponies, donkeys, cats, goats and sheep to choose from! More details can be found at:


One socially distanced Winter Sale is due to take place on Saturday 14 November at the Billericay Reading Rooms, Covid-19 alert level allowing. Full details of the event can be found on the charity’s website at

“As always,” concluded Ms Burton, “we are deeply indebted for everyone’s support. Every winter is tough due to the spiralling costs, but this year will be extremely difficult. We implore the public for help. If they can’t donate, we really hope they can shop with us! 

“I still believe that together, we can make a difference and that no animal should be born to die”.

For further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

Recycle Your Ink Cartridges and Help Support Remus Horse Sanctuary

Did you know that you can help us raise vital funds simply by recycling your ink cartridges via our Recycle4Charity programme? And what’s more, this service is available both for individuals and for companies!

For each inkjet cartridge recycled via the programme we will receive a £1 donation, meaning you can help the environment whilst raising money for charity!

Remus Recycle4Charity infographic

To start, all you need to do is go to one of the addresses shown below and sign up for your free account:

With more people than ever working from home, this is a great way to help us and to avoid unnecessary landfill.

Please do share this information with your friends, family and colleagues.

Co-op Local Community Fund

We’re delighted that Remus Horse Sanctuary has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund but the Fund closes on Saturday 24 October and we need your help to raise as much money from it as possible.

At a time when funds for community groups and charitable organisations are becoming more difficult to access, we’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference in Buttsbury, near Ingatestone in Essex.

We’re raising funds to improve the condition of our paddocks, to give the animals a better quality of life and enhance the visitor experience.

To help us raise vital funds, we’ll be relying on Co-op members. When a member buys selected products or services from the Co-op they earn a 5% reward for themselves, with a further 1% for local causes like ours.

The Co-op is looking to support organisations that make a difference in their local communities by protecting and improving community spaces, helping people reach their full potential by developing their skills or promoting health and wellbeing.

Co-op members can choose us as their local cause by visiting

We really hope that people will visit the website and donate their 1% to us.

If you’re not a member and would like to support us, you can join at your local store or online at

When a community comes together we’re able to achieve great things, so we hope you can help promote our project!

Thank you!

Coronavirus Update

Late March we were told we had to close the Sanctuary and stop all Fundraising – for us this was going to be one of our worst nightmares as after the Winter we are desperate for our fundraising to start, so that we can begin to bring much needed funds in to feed the animals and pay the bills that have mounted up during the winter months.

Despite the Government claiming it was wrapping its arms around us all and keeping us safe during these unprecedented times, no help was ever offered to animal charities, nor were they even acknowledged. We have struggled through April, May, June and into July still without help and now that there is light at the end of the tunnel with zoos and wildlife parks etc opening there are so many rules and regulations that at present were we to try to have an Open Day with reduced numbers as requested with all the signage and new additions we have to put in place we would not make money so we are no further forward.

It looks like all stalls and fairs and fetes are cancelled for this year and we have real concerns how we will keep our heads above water until next Spring (assuming we can open then of course!). We will do our utmost to try to open this year but we do need to be sure that we can keep visitors and staff/volunteers safe and there are so many hoops to jump through and things that would need to be changed that  for now we will closely monitor the ever-changing rules and requirements. If in the meantime you can help in any way, we would love to hear from you.

Can you help us with one of the following:

Anything that you can do to help keep our gates open will be very much appreciated.

We are hoping that all our members and families have remained well and safe during these very difficult times. Thankfully all staff and volunteers have remained well and able to care for the animals. As expected with these times, cruelty to horses is on the increase and we have seen and helped some pitiful cases. It breaks your heart to see what mankind has done to these beautiful creatures

On the whole, all the Remus animals have remained well, which has been a Godsend, especially in the first 6-8 weeks when Vets were not working. At the beginning of the Virus we were suddenly hit with not being able to get the animals food from our usual suppliers as people started panic buying their horse feed so we had to buy from other suppliers that didn’t offer us the same ‘good price’ as our Supplier does so we had to pay through the nose for feed. Our Hay Merchant very kindly allowed us to stack our barn full of hay and straw just in case someone in their family was taken ill and then they could not deliver to us. It was all an unknown quantity and none of us knew what to expect. Our two main concerns were (1) Could we get sufficient food and hay in to feed the animals and (2) If we had a proper lockdown where we couldn’t leave our homes what would we do about the animals so a small group of us had agreed that were that to happen we would stay at the Sanctuary and sleep in the offices but at least we were here to care for and look after the animals.

PETS AT HOME & SUPPORT ADOPTION FOR PETS – We were delighted to receive a grant of £5000 which was paid direct to our Veterinary Surgeon towards our ever-growing Vets bills. This was such a help and so very much appreciated.

PET PLAN FUND – We were able to receive a £2,500 donation from this Fund towards the cost of keeping the animals fed and cared for and we are very grateful to them for their support at this difficult time.

All very helpful when you consider each week, we pay £1000 each to our Vets, Feed company, hay merchant. £3000 a month on regular medications that the animals need. Then there are staff wages, HMRC costs, insurances, utilities, repairs to the buildings and premises, rent, waste costs to name but a few of the outgoings.

50/100 CLUB – Why not join one of these clubs? For £24 a year you enter into a draw that is drawn three times a year and pays out at each draw. £12 of the money donated goes direct to Remus and the other goes into a fund with the other 49/99 people and then three times a year there are three draws and the money gets split between the winning numbers. A great way to help the Sanctuary and to win a ‘bit extra’ for yourself. Email us for further information.

Remus Albert Einstein quote


As you know, #GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of unity and generosity, taking place today, Tuesday 5 May, as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. It is a day for us all to show how much we appreciate those key workers who have played such an important role over the last weeks and months and to those charities who are always there working on the important issues that make such a difference.

Our skeleton staff have kept Remus going since lockdown. We’re delighted to be part of #GivingTuesdayNow and thank them and our amazing volunteers for all of their assistance, not just now, but since we began.

We are calling on you, our members and supporters, to help us specifically today on #GivingTuesdayNow but if you can’t help us today, please do consider us tomorrow, or next week or when you get paid at the end of the month. There are numerous ways you can make a donation including via our website.

Without your help we won’t survive, and we need your help to continue feeding and caring for the precious rescue animals that we have saved since we started the charity in 1983.

Please, unleash your generosity and share our plea!

#GivingTuesdayNow #CharityUniteUs #EveryDayCounts

Remus Horse Sanctuary Responds to Urgent COVID19 Need with Virtual Event

Remus Horse Sanctuary responds to urgent Covid-19 need with a virtual event filmed at the Sanctuary’s location in Essex, joining #GivingTuesdayNow in a Global Day of Giving and Unity…

Remus Horse Sanctuary is responding to meet the needs of its 200+ rescued animals by organising a virtual Open Day at its premises in Essex on Sunday 3 May from 1pm until 5pm, to be shared across its Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Ordinarily, the charity would be a hive of activity right now, getting ready to open its doors to the public next Sunday for the first time this year to receive some 3000 visitors, for what would have been its first Open Day of the 2020 season. Instead a small skeleton staff are caring for the 200+ rescued animals at Remus Horse Sanctuary.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the team at Remus Horse Sanctuary have decided to open its doors virtually for the first time.

“Instead of coming to us, we have decided to bring our first Open Day of the 2020 season to our supporters, by social media,” said Founder Sue Burton.

Via video, the charity will be sharing messages from the humans that work at the Sanctuary and from its animals, with a little bit of history too. It will also have merchandise for sale, information on conservation, enrichment, a tour of the yard and much more!

The Virtual Open Day coincides with #GivingTuesdayNow – a global day of unity and generosity, taking place on 5 May 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

Research by the Charities Aid Foundation who lead #GivingTuesday in the UK has found that many charities are struggling to survive due to COVID-19, with 37% saying they will not be able to last beyond 6 months. It also found that there are significant levels of generosity, with more than half of people saying they expect to help their neighbours or friends with shopping/errands or check on their vulnerable or elderly neighbours.

To shine a spotlight on this incredible generosity and to support charities at this difficult time, CAF has launched this special #GivingTuesdayNow as a chance for people to show their gratitude to all the people who have supported us through these difficult weeks – their friends, families and wider communities.

Charities of all sizes have been playing their part in this battle, harnessing the goodwill of so many to help meet vital needs which have not gone away in the face of coronavirus. With fundraising events cancelled and many volunteers self-isolating, charities are facing an uphill struggle to continue to be there for those in need.

This #GivingTuesdayNow is, above all else, a day to thank all essential workers from everyone in the NHS – medical staff, cleaners, porters, laundry staff and caterers – to the food chain staff, delivery drivers, bin collectors, public transport workers, teachers, milk and post men & women, emergency services, community volunteers, workers making PPE and tests, your neighbours and of course, charities.

We are encouraging everyone to share a message of thanks on social media and a heart in their front window (or a combination of both!) to demonstrate our collective gratitude to all the people who are helping us through these difficult times. And of course, for those who are able, to think about giving to a charity close to their heart.

The UK’s #GivingTuesdayNow lead, Grainne Mathews, said: “The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is proud to lead #GivingTuesdayNow here in the UK and to join wholeheartedly in this celebration of the people who are helping us through such dark days – charities have taken their place in helping to deliver for our communities and we could not be more inspired to support them in all that they do.”

Ms Burton went on to say: “This is not something that we’ve ever tried before, but we are having an extremely tough time at present – as are many small charities – with zero fundraising activity so, we hope, that by bringing our event to our supporters directly, we can achieve our target of raising £5000 during the day.”

Those interested in joining Remus’ virtual Open Day and #GivingTuesdayNow efforts can visit: and

For further information, visit or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.

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