Benefact First £5,000 Draw of 2024 is Here

The Benefacts Movement for Good animals and wildlife special draw is here and they have 10 awards of £5,000 to give away – and we’d love to be one of them!

The nomination window opens for five days only from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd February 2024. Please mark the dates on your calendar and visit the Benefact website this week to get Remus in the running.

Visit the Benefact website to find out more about the Animal and Welfare Special Draw.

Additionally, we’d love you to nominate Remus for the next Benefact £1,000 draw!

The next £1,000 draw is Monday 18th March, so if you haven’t already done so, please do get involved and nominate Remus Horse Sanctuary today. Don’t forget, it’s one nomination per charity per person and we would be beyond delighted if you could choose Remus.

Once you’ve nominated, use their tools to share and get your network to support us too – it only takes a minute and the more nominations we receive, the greater our chance of winning.

Please note: if you’ve already nominated Remus in the £1,000 awards this year, your nomination will automatically be carried forward to all of the remaining £1,000 draws. Nomination for the £5,000 draw, however, is a separate requirement.

Benefact Group is a diverse family of specialist financial services businesses, driven by a shared ambition to do right by their customers and clients, and united by a common purpose to give all available profits to charity and good causes.

Thank you so much for supporting Remus Horse Sanctuary in the Movement for Good Awards!

How to Spot and Soothe a Stressed Horse

Just like humans, horses get stressed and, just like us, it can be for different reasons – and show itself in numerous ways.

Whether your horse is under acute stress (ie, of the moment, such as being moved in a horse box) or chronic stress (ie, constant or continual, such as inappropriate living conditions ) the clue to spotting it is a change in their behaviour.

Out-of-character actions such as nipping, being hard to catch, fidgeting or failure to concentrate, are all likely to be signs that your horse is showing acute stress. While lethargy, weight loss and irritability are likely to be caused by chronic stress.

We see many signs of stress in the new rescue horses that come to us here at Remus, whether it’s because they have been neglected and have been living in awful conditions, or because they are unfamiliar with their new surroundings when they arrive.

If you are concerned about stress in your horse, the first port of call is to get their health checked, followed by an assessment of their living conditions – they may be reacting to being stabled in the winter for instance.

Other things to consider are their diet, and the amount of exercise they are getting. It’s also important for safety reasons that your horse respects you and your space when handling – if they already try to mess about when being led, trying to handle them when stressed will be twice as hard.

Finally, if you know your horse is going to be in a stressful situation, such as being transported, it is possible to buy calming products. But do get advice from your vet before administering.

For more detailed information on stress, symptoms and strategies for calming horses, head to:

We are currently running an appeal to raise funds for hay this winter. Please visit our JustGiving page to make a donation: Remus Winter Hay Appeal 2024.

Welfare Update

We’ve had many welfare calls so far this winter both from the floods and then the severe cold. We dealt with a particularly bad case of a whole flock of sheep in a field in Boston, Lincolnshire, where the field was so wet and boggy (this was prior to the countywide flooding) that the sheep were black as they only had wet mud to lie on and one ewe was stuck up to her knees in thick mud.

The sheep were all trying to lie as close to the fencing as possible, to keep out of the wet mud. It was pitiful to see so many animals affected. All animals are entitled to somewhere dry to lay down, and food to eat.

In the photo there is a line of electric fence between the sheep in the thick black wet mud and the soft grass which would have given her somewhere dry to lie down and something to eat, but the electric fence prevented it and everything on the field had been eaten as the animals were starving.

Thankfully we were able to get these sheep moved onto better more drained land.

As we have said repeatedly in our Born to Die Campaign no one wants to take responsibility and often authorities don’t know issues are their responsibility. It took us over 4 hours on the phone going round and round in circles to try to get help for these poor sheep, and we knew who to contact! What on earth does a concerned member of the public do?!

There are many ways you can help us through 2024 and beyond:

  • Make a regular donation. Can you spare even just £5 a month?
  • If you are clearing out your wardrobe, please do consider donating your clothes to the Sanctuary as they have become a very good fundraiser for us, we can also take shoes and handbags.
  • If you aren’t close enough to drop them to us you can use the i-collect clothes website and they will collect from you. So long as you click on the Remus logo all funds will come directly to us.
  • If you have any unwanted gifts after Christmas or items that might just sit in a drawer unused, we would love to have them to help raise funds for the animals.
  • Let your love for animals continue in your memory, with a legacy. Do consider leaving a donation to Remus in your Will, if you are able.
  • Do make a donation towards our winter hay appeal and general winter feed, bedding and vet costs.
  • If you have any jewellery or even broken jewellery, we can turn that into funds for the animals.
  • Organise an event to raise funds for the Sanctuary and/or support our events.

And finally, thanks so much to everyone who purchased tickets for our Christmas Draw last year. Our congratulations to the winners were: John and Brian from Rayleigh, Philip from Billericay, and Mrs Jeffery from Chelmsford. Our sincerest thanks go to Bridgit Tappin for all her hard work and effort in producing these amazing hampers for us at her own cost.

Thank you so much Bridgit, and to all our supporters – your help is so very much appreciated.

Help your Vet Help your Horse

As you’ll know, at Remus Horse Sanctuary we rescue many elderly and sick animals, so our vet is a regular, and very welcome, visitor.

But when your horse is injured or ill, sometimes we are tempted to treat it ourselves – especially if we are worried about the vet’s bills. Of course, most experienced owners have their own tips and tricks for minor issues – but if you think that your animal will need a visit from the vet, here’s three things to avoid:

  • Applying anything to a wound – if you know it’s severe enough to call out the vet, avoid applying purple spray or wound powder – it makes it hard for them to properly assess discharge or the colour of the tissue, which can be vital in diagnosis.
  • Removing a penetrating object – our first instinct might be to pull it out – but without a qualified examination, and possibly an x-ray – you could do more harm to your animal.
  • Not vaccinating your horse – even if your horse never leaves the yard, they could pick up tetanus from a puncture wound – and the survival rate from this common disease is particularly poor in horses. Don’t take the risk and ask your vet for advice.

For more information on this subject head to:

If you would like to support our welfare work and rescue efforts, please make a donation.

Your support is invaluable.

Winter Hay Appeal and Two New Events

Remus Horse Sanctuary has launched an appeal to help raise extra funds for hay this winter.

Unfortunately, the Sanctuary has been facing a shortage of hay due to the extremely wet weather conditions. As a result of the sustained flooding from over the last 3 months, they have had to use much more of their hay supplies than usual to ensure their rescued and elderly residents are kept well fed.

As Remus’ work is 100% funded by donations from the public, the extra spend has put further pressure on their already tight budgets, which have still not recovered: first from the impact of the Coronavirus lockdowns and second by Storm Eunice which caused £40,000 worth of devastation when it blew entire field shelters over fences, crashing and smashing them, and taking roofs off the buildings.

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary, said: “On average, we spend around £6,000 on hay and feed every single month. As you can imagine, we plan our supplies carefully, but each winter we see prices increasing made worse by the weather, which obviously has an impact on us here.”

“We would like to urge anyone who can consider making a donation, to do so now to ensure we can purchase the extra supplies we need to continue to provide the very specialist care for our rescued horses, donkeys and ponies.”

To donate to the Remus’ hay appeal, please visit their JustGiving page or telephone the Sanctuary directly on 01277 356191.

The Sanctuary is hosting two new events this year:

  1. New Hall Wine Estate’s Tour & Tasting – as featured on James Martin’s Saturday morning show – Saturday 16 March 2024
  2. Colours Fashion Show & Pop-Up ShopSaturday 11 May 2024

Remus Winter Hay Appeal 2024

When grazing is not possible on our site in the winter months, hay is even more vital for feeding the 200+ equines at our Sanctuary, like little Mopsey, Dickie and Clementine pictured here.

With so much mud and waterlogged paddocks during the winter months, hay is even more vital for feeding the 200+ equines at our Sanctuary. It costs us a minimum of £6,947.49 in Hay and Feed every single month, and that’s before the snow starts!

How can you make a difference?

We are asking our supporters to consider a gift to help us to buy more hay to feed our four-legged residents over the coming winter months.

Your gift will be used to buy hay that will help our residents, like those pictured and many more, through the rest of the winter until they can enjoy the spring grass when it arrives.

Spread the word!

Please share our cause with your family and friends, inspiring them to help too!

Thank you for your support.

Visit our JustGiving page to make your donation.

What is Give as you Live Online?

You may have seen our social media posts in the past, or perhaps previous blogs about ‘Give as you Live’ – but perhaps you’re unfamiliar with how it works and whether you can trust it as a means of making donations to us. After all, most things that are too good to be true, generally are right! Well we think this is probably one of the few exceptions.

However, if you’re still in doubt, we’d like to share some further information with you.

How does Give as you Live work?

By shopping through Give as you Live Online supporters can raise free funds for us and other charities. Give as you Live Online work with over 4,300 popular high street retailers, as well as dozens of insurance, energy, broadband and utility providers. Supporters simply sign up to Give as you Live Online and use the website, iOS app, start page or Donation Reminder to browse retailers and make a purchase. Once you have shopped online a free donation is raised for the charity!

Where do the funds come from?

As a ‘thank you’ for bringing users to their website, the retailer pay Give as you Live Online a commission – they then turn this into a donation for the supporter’s chosen charity.

If their services are free, how do they make money?

Put simply, the Give as you Live team make their money through the retailers – part of the commission they receive from the retailers is retained by them to cover their costs. They donate 50% of the commission they receive to charity, and the other 50% is used to fund the ongoing development of Give as you Live Online.

All of this is done in the background – this means the donation amounts they display represent the actual amount the charity will receive – a 5% donation really does mean a 5% donation!

How do I sign up?

We have our own dedicated landing page on the Give as you Live website. It’s easy – and free – to register so you can quickly sign-up and start raising funds. It can be done with only a few clicks!

Click on any one of the links above and, once you’re on the Remus dedicated landing page click on the green button on the right hand side which says: ‘Support us, it’s free’ and follow the simple steps.

Your support in this way, makes a phenomenal difference to us here at Remus Horse Sanctuary. You’ll be able to see how much is being raised online via these simple steps.

And remember, whether you’re shopping for groceries, the Christmas and New Year sales, your holiday, or just switching your energy supplier, every little really will help!


Happy New Year!

Can you Help us Win a Share of £50,000?

Animal Friends Pet Insurance have £50,000 to share this Christmas and want to hear how they could suppawt Remus with some local love this winter. Whether it’s funding to cover the rising costs of energy bills, food, horse rugs and blankets, vet bills, or anything else, they want to help make a difference.

Nominations only take a couple of minutes and are open until 23:59 on 16 December 2023.

Please nominate Remus Horse Sanctuary and share this with your friends and family to spread the joy this festive season, together.

Once you have clicked on the nomination link you will need:

Animal Friends recently donated £25,000 to The Tree Council, to support planting projects that provide habitats for thousands of species across the UK. They continue to work together with The Tree Council, to create a healthier, tree-filled future for us all. Helping Rhinos received £6,000 too, which went towards helping to care for orphans at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. A further £5,000 was donated to DogsnHomes Rescue, in light of an animal welfare crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. Their donation has already helped DogsnHomes Rescue to send over 10,000kg of supplies to help abandoned animals.

Suppawt small. Believe big.

Nominate Remus Horse Sanctuary Now

Never Forget Finds his Forever Home

The winning bid for ‘Never Forget’ – the not so little elephant donated to Remus following the ‘Herd in the City’ initiative in Essex – raised an incredible £2,400 for the charity. He is now back near Southend at his new forever home.

The Herd in The City trail took place from 14 July to 4 September and consisted of 46 elephants and 72 baby elephants located around Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea and Shoeburyness. Each of the wonderfully decorated elephants had a meaning and significance and were part of a trail that people could follow.

‘Never Forget’ was gifted to Remus for fundraising in October 2023. Read Never Forget’s story on our website.

Giving Tuesday 28 November 2023

This year, Giving Tuesday takes place on Tuesday 28 November 2023.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving, a day to do something for charities and – if we may be so bold – specifically for Remus Horse Sanctuary. You can give your time, give some money, donate something, buy something, or campaign for something. Giving Tuesday is one day to make a world of difference and all we’re asking is for you to do something!

If you haven’t already got your Giving Tuesday ‘something’ planned, here are 10 last minute ideas to help you make a difference! Don’t forget to share your ‘something’ on social media, use the #GivingTuesday hashtag and tag Remus Horse Sanctuary. You’ll find the links to all of our social media channels below.

  1. Browse our wish lists. There’s always something we need here at Remus, whether it’s food for the animals, treats or medical supplies. Browse our wish list. ‘Tis the season – buy something for Remus.
  2. Fundraise on our behalf. This year we have been celebrating our 40th anniversary. Have you signed up to our 40th Anniversary Challenge? All you have to do is fundraise £40 for us. If only 1000 people took part, we would raise a massive £40,000!
  3. Write to your MP. Earlier this year we launched our #BornToDie campaign. Please write to your MP and ask for change. Please remember, always be polite and respectful. Find your local MP and just pop in your county or postcode, or the name of your MP if you know it. This will provide you with both an email and a postal address. It only takes a few minutes.
  4. Give some money. Make a donation to Remus to help us through the winter months.
  5. Charity Christmas cards. Buy your Christmas cards from our online charity shop this year, or donate the cost of the cards and postage instead. Remember to let all your friends and family know via text message if you’re not sending cards this year – you don’t want to disappoint Great Aunt Molly!
  6. Sign up to Give as you Live. Give as you Live Online generates charitable giving from your everyday shopping and enables you to raise money every time you shop online – from groceries, fashion, gifts and holidays! And it won’t cost you a penny extra.
  7. Volunteer. You may not be able to give your time regularly, but perhaps you can help out at the odd event, or perhaps micro-volunteering might be more your thing!
  8. Give a charity gift this year as a present. Visit our online charity shop, we have lots of charity gifts to choose from, or why not surprise someone by sponsoring one of our animals as a truly unique gift.
  9. Become a member. Your Membership is hugely important to the Sanctuary, the financial support is a major source of income for us and provides funds to enable us to continue to feed and care for the animals here. It also supports our welfare work in the wider horse community in Essex and beyond.
  10. Talk about Giving Tuesday. Tell your family and friends about Giving Tuesday, challenge them to do something on the day. Together we can make a world of difference. #GivingTuesday

Share your something on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesday and tag us in your posts:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • X (formerly Twitter): @RemusHorse

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