National World Animal Day

The fourth of October marks the annual National World Animal Day. Here at Remus Animal Sanctuary, we’re always dedicated to giving the animals the respect they deserve all year round. World Animal Day was created in 1931 as a way of heightening the awareness of the predicament of endangered species. It has since become a […]

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Feed a Tethered Horse

Feeding your horse

Our Ingatestone, Essex sanctuary houses a lot of horses; so many we could easily lose count! From our experience we find it hard to fathom why people don’t try to feed their animals a healthy balanced diet when they are just like us human beings – They need five a day too! If we eat […]

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Please help this beautiful blind mare to see again and so save her life

Pippa Pippa is a 19 year old mare that lives here at the Sanctuary. She has been with us for quite a few years now after suffering terrible mistreatment by her previous owners. We have been working with Pippa to build her back to health and encourage a confidence in her spirit that she had […]

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Countess of Wessex

Countess of Wessex visits Remus

We were delighted on 10th July to receive a visit from the Countess of Wessex. It was without question a day to remember. With staff, volunteers and members who had all made a big difference to the Sanctuary over the years there were about 100 of us on site, The Countess arrived just after 11am […]

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The Shets

Animal welfare and the basic rights of animals

All animals should have basic rights. Animal rights is the awareness that all non-human creatures are entitled to be in control of their own lives and their own basic interests. The same amount of attention should be given to the suffering of animals as that of humans. Animal rights also teaches us that certain things […]

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Diseases in Animals

Owners of animals need to be vigilant in the fight against animal disease, regardless of if they are kept as farm animals or pets. Monitoring animals for signs of disease and following good bio-security practices (such as clearing the fields of ragwort which we blogged about last week!) are absolutely essential when you are trying […]

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Animals at Play

Animal Enrichment

Enrichment for our animals is something we hold with great importance at Remus Horse Sanctuary. We like to ensure that our animals have mirrors in their stables or toys, balls and games in their paddocks so that they have those little luxuries added to their lives. Behavioural enrichment is a principle which seeks to add […]

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June news at the Sanctuary

Here at Remus, we are turning over a new leaf in terms of our social media and website updates and this blog is just one of the ways in which we will begin to do just that. We have recently set up both a Twitter and a Facebook page so we would LOVE for you […]

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RIP Shayne

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Shayne was put to sleep recently. Shayne, believed to be the oldest horse in the world died after reaching the age of 51, he had spent his final years at the Sanctuary enjoying himself, spending time out in the fields every day with his […]

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Pet Photo Book

Animal lovers everywhere are creating pet photo books

Your pet is special – an extra member of your family. So why not honour it with a pet photobook – a printed and bound book of all your favourite photographs of your pet. Whether you have a dog, a cat or a tortoise, your pet deserves its own photobook. There’s never been a better time […]

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